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Food Waste Management Solutions Australia ORCA

Dunbrae Environmental is part of the Dunbrae Group of Companies.

The Dunbrae Group is an Australian owned company, providing the complete Commercial Kitchen Solution, that employs over 300 people nationally.  The Company, trading as Global Food Equipment and Austmont Pty Ltd, engages in the marketing, selling and servicing of food service, beverage equipment and consumables in Australia. Within the Dunbrae Group are companies that work simultaneously to provide satisfied customers with a range of products and services, whilst having the best contact most appropriate to their business.

Dunbrae Environmental are the exclusive distributors (in Australia & New Zealand) of the "ORCA" .. working on-site in your facility to “digest” all food waste, diverting food waste from landfill, saving you money, reducing your footprint, and increasing employee morale.

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